LoopDesk is a great place to reach business owners, partners and key decision makers. Being that all of our members either own a business or are a key executive in the company they represent, advertising on LoopDesk is a highly targeted opportunity. LoopDesk offers discounted advertising exclusively to our current members as well as our affiliate partners. LoopDesk is committed to offering very competitive advertising pricing and will continue looking for additional advertising opportunities without hindering the usability of our members.

We currently offer:

  • Create your own Ad Campaigns (prices listed within the site)
  • Simply upload a banner and tell us where to link it.
  • Current banner sizes 120x240 and 180x180 (displays member home page only)
  • Pay per view advertising
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Pay per period advertising
  • No additional fee to target your advertising

Corporate Advertising Solutions
To inquire about our Corporate Advertising Solutions, Please contact LoopDesk and tell us what you are looking to achieve.

Need a Banner Design?

Contact us today to have members of our design team create a custom banner for your advertising needs.