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May 1, 2010
"LoopDesk Secures Advertising Partnerships, will Offer Free Unlimited Access to all Members"


April 7, 2010
"Facebook Is Not the Whole Game -- Other Social Networks for Business"


January 11, 2010
"LoopDesk Aims to Take Online Business Networking Market Share with New 2010 Pricing"


July 8, 2009
"Four Business-Social Networking Sites Worth Visiting"


May 30, 2009
"LoopDesk Business Networking Group Announces the launch of www.LoopDesk.com"


Press Release

LoopDesk Aims to Take Online Business Networking Market Share with New 2010 Pricing

LoopDesk offers unlimited access to all features for one-time fee, while competitors continue to charge increasing monthly rates.

January 11th, 2010 - Minneapolis, MN: LoopDesk has successfully enhanced their user experience while cutting operational costs and passing the savings down to LoopDesk members. As of January 1st 2010, LoopDesk reduced the one-time membership fee to $49.99 and eliminated recurring plans.


Brandon Beck, LoopDesk CEO stated in a recent meeting with a Minneapolis networking group "Our goal was simple, to create a place where a business can network with other businesses, form partnerships and create global opportunities. There are many sites where people can market themselves, but we connect decision makers by showcasing their business and brand."


Since launching in May 2009, LoopDesk now has members in over 20 countries and continues to gain members and exposure. Throughout 2010, LoopDesk plans to explore new features, create corporate partnerships and expand marketing efforts.



About LoopDesk: LoopDesk is an Online Business Networking Group that allows members to connect solely for business purposes. The LoopDesk experience is unique in that members connect directly to business owners, partners and decision makers creating global business to business marketing and networking opportunities.


Released: January 11, 2010