LoopDesk Features

LoopDesk - Business Profile

Business Profile

  • Multi-part Profile
    The user profile page is perhaps the most important part of your LoopDesk Account. Market your business by entering specific information visible to other LoopDesk Members
  • Business Logo
    Easily upload a Logo, which is automatically sized down and used as your business logo. This is displayed on your profile, in search results, when you send a message, and on many other areas on LoopDesk.
  • What's on your Desk?
    Communicate to other members what is on your desk. Maybe you are looking for a new accountant or need a new office supplier.
  • Profile Privacy
    Control what other members see. Direct contact information is only visible to members in your business loop.
  • Public Profile
    Share limited information with non-members to increase your web presence. Add a link to your LoopDesk profile from any website or blog.
LoopDesk - Groups


  • Group Categories
    Categorize your groups by subject, location, etc. Categorized groups make it easier for users to find and join groups that interest them.
  • Browse Groups
    Browse groups by category or search for groups by keyword.
  • Group Membership Rankings
    Groups can contain three levels of membership: Leaders, officers, and members. When someone creates a group, they are automatically made the leader of that group. Leadership can be transferred to another user if desired. Leaders can also appoint officers, who have limited administration abilities such as approving/rejecting new members, changing the group settings, and so forth. Members can view the group's content, but cannot alter its settings.
  • Group Membership Approval/Rejection
    Groups can optionally be set to "allow new members by approval only." This means that when a prospective new member requests to join the group, they must first be approved by the group leader or officers.
  • Group  Membership Invitations
    Group leaders and officers can send invitations to other users to become members of their group. If they so choose, members are notified by email when they receive an invitation.
  • Group Comments
    If allowed, group members can post comments on their group. This is an effective way to allow group members to communicate in an open way.
  • Group Discussion Board

Unlimited Messaging

  • No Restrictions on Member Messaging
  • Message Inbox/Outbox
    Members are given a familiar email-style message manager where you can view both incoming and outgoing private messages.
  • Conversation History
    Keep track of your message history by tracking your conversation and replying accordingly.
LoopDesk Business Loop/Connections

Business Loop

  • Unlimited Business Connections
    Add other LoopDesk members to your Business Loop and build strong business relationships.
  • Member Invite Tool
    Utilize LoopDesk's advanced invite feature to invite all your contacts from multiple address books or social networks.
  • Owner Contact Info
    By adding members to your Business Loop you will gain access to Business Owner Contact info that is only visible if you are connected


  • Ability to write brief recommendation for user
  • Display Who you have recommended and who recommends you
  • Manage, Edit, Remove Recommendations
  • Ranking top recommenders, by who gives the most recommendations
  • Ranking top recommendees, by whom got most recommendations
  • Email Notifications
LoopDesk - Events


  • Event Listings
    As a member, you can create and view your own events, as well as browse for upcoming events.
  • Event Calendar
    Manage events on your own full-size event calendar. A mini-calendar is also shown on your profile, allowing you to share your events with others.
  • Invitations and RSVPs
    Members can create events and invite others to join. When other members receive an invitation, they can RSVP as "attending", "maybe attending" or "not attending".
  • Privacy Settings
    When creating a new event, you can decide who views the event, who can join, and if comments are allowed.
  • Event Email Notifications
    Emails are sent out to the when an invitation is made, a new comment is posted about the event, or when a new comment is posted on one of the files/photos of the event.

RSS/Blog Feeds

  • Share your Blog or RSS Feeds
  • SEO Optimized
    Public feeds allow backlinks to your site
  • Allow other members to Subscribe to your feeds
LoopDesk - Classifieds


  • Classifieds Listings
    As a member, you can view your own listings, upload photos, as well as browse other listings.
  • Listing Settings
    Members  can choose to be notified by email when someone posts a comment on any of their listings.
  • Comments
    Members can comment on other classified listings or send a private message to the seller.
  • Privacy Settings
  • New Classifieds Email Notification
  • Classified Listing Photos
  • Classified Categories
  • Target Specific Locations
LoopDesk - Articles


  • Post and share articles, attach photos, comments
  • Save article as draft and publish article later
  • Super flexible and easy searching/filtering for articles
  • Attach photos to article for doing review and keep article interested
  • Article can be tagged
  • Popular tags is shown as tag cloud right on listing
  • Comment on Articles
LoopDesk - Discussions Forum


  • Open Forum Discussions
  • Create topics/ Announcements and Replies
  • Easy Category Navigation
  • Nice WYSIWYG Editor
  • Attachment Support
  • Bookmark Topics
LoopDesk - Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

  • Advertise a website (url) or classified, event, group, or profile
  • Ad Analytics
    Detailed statistics about ad views / clicks
  • Various pricing models
    Clicks (CPC), Views/Impressions (CPM) or Duration
  • Targeting pages - Ability to target specific page on LoopDesk
    (ex. homepage, user homepage, profile, etc.)
  • Targeting Networks
    Select a specific location (State) to target
  • Create ad from banner image, text or from the photo of classified, event, group