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Understand how the Payment Gateway affects Business
Payment Gateway affects Business – A merchant running the e-commerce business or online business must understand the influence of the Payment Gateway on his business. A Payment Gateway is an online alternative of the Point of Sale that provides a platform to make a safe online transaction....
Get Secure Your Payment Processing with Merchant Stronghold
 Nowadays, there are a lot of e-commerce and m-commerce transactions; opening doors for cyber criminals. As a merchant, you need to confirm that you provide the best payment security and that your customers don’t have to worry about their data. Customers usually cannot select their own...
Instant Approval Merchant Account for your Subscription Businesses
 Financial risk and reputation are always the main concern of any financial institutions. Any wrong practice can result in damaging the image of the business. Sites which offer memberships are regarded as high risk merchants, irrespective whether they practice illegal or shady things or not,...
Retail Merchant Account | Credit Card Processing
 It is obvious that having a credit card present when the transaction is being processed will reduce chances of fraud. But there are other variables as well that should be considered when going for a retail merchant account. One example can be the Volume of Transaction and Average...
Merchant Stronghold helps to find the best merchant service provider
WHY DO YOU NEED A MERCHANT SERVICE PROVIDER? A Merchant service provider is also known as credit card processor. They offer services to the merchant to accept the credit card, debit card, and other electronic modes of money transactions. An MSP is responsible to move the money from the...
The eCommerce and online business in recent years have developed great payment gateways and side-by-side the ease of shopping too. Building the shopping platforms and integration of payment source has also simultaneously developed. A study subjects online commerce to reach $5.8 trillion by...
Understand Merchant Account Hold or Freeze
Account Hold When the banks withhold some of the money from the merchant account is called Merchant holds.The merchant account remains active and the account holds money that acts as a deposit for doing business.Furthermore, in case of any fraudulent activity or chargeback issues, this money...
Get Merchant Bank Account for Settlement Payment Card Transactions
Open Merchant Bank AccountYou can open a Business Bank Account anytime just by visiting the nearest branch. It takes hardly a few minutes to open a merchant bank account if your documents are ready and appropriate. Even if you are the sole proprietor of the business, you need to create a...
Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway
 Comparing and then choosing the credit card processor for your business can be beneficial for your business. Here is a guide that you can use to choose the best credit card processing with a payment gateway.A Processor that Offers Business Specific Services Does your business require...
Let's Understand Payment Gateway Services For E-commerce Businesses
Businesses are rapidly transforming the way of accepting payment for the ease of customers. Although, at the same time this method of accepting payment electronically gets tricky for the merchants who don’t have the exact idea of how to get the access of payment gateway for accepting...

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