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Partner in New York’s successful hospitality and Nightlife Company
After working for years in nightlife industry, Mark Birnbaum established his own company with two other partners. Today, he is a partner in the EMM Group with Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein. He co-owns several nightlife venues and restaurants in New York City.
Role model for masses – Mark Birnbaum youngsters aspire to become like Mark Birnbaum. He is a role model for masses; his struggle to achieve this kind of feat was not easy. He has become a big name in the entertainment industry; moreover, he is into philanthropic activities...
A well-known businessman from United States of America
Besides being a renowned businessperson in United States of America, he is also a humble man. He has donated generously to charities like; Happy Hearts Fund and Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Research center. He is a role model for many as in such a young age, he has conquered great...
The founder of Operative Inc. – Mark Birnbaum
After beginning career in nightlife industry as event promotions director, Mark Birnbaum launched and managed his very first nightclub. The nightclub was spread in an area of 22000 sq. ft. based in Ithica, New York. In 2002, he founded Operative Inc., a nightlife consulting company to open...
The most reputed name in the hospitality business that hardly needs introduction- Mark Birnbaum of the undisputed leaders of the nightlife industry is Mark Birnbaum. Along with his partners, he has established numerous nightlife centers and restaurants in different parts of America, which today have become the most happening...
A name that stands distinct in hospitality industry- Mark Birnbaum hospitality businessman, Mark Birnbaum along with his two partners has founded EMM group, a group that has gained a lot of popularity due to quality of services that it offers to its clientele. Taking...
Night life king of New York- Mark Birnbaum renowned entrepreneur and donor, Mark Birnbaum has got several awards for his contribution in hospitality industry. He is also given the title of Night life king of New York, making him and his partners leaders of hospitality industry. Today, his name...
What make Mark’s establishments most popular among celebrities?
The successful nightlife entrepreneur and hospitality mogul, Mark Birnbaum featured his establishments with all facilities of contemporary lifestyle. To make his night clubs stand out from others, he provided best in entertainment services, warm hospitality, quality atmosphere, and food...
Nightlife hospitality businessperson-Mark Birnbaum well-regarded name in nightlife industry, Mark Birnbaum is the co-founder of EMM group. He oversaw the establishment of many night clubs and restaurants in association with two other partners, Eugene Remm and Michael Hartenstein. Excellent food and...
The various party spots discovered by Mark are the popular places among celebrities
The co-founder of, one of the most successful and multi-faceted hospitality management companies in the New York area, Mark Birnbaum took credit to establish numerous nightlife sites and restaurants in multiple locations in New York. Each of his nightlife venues is exemplary over others in...

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