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OUTCOME THINKING: Getting results without the boxing gloves
Your employee Jill, is often late to work and leaves early. Her work is behind and other employees in the department seem to always be picking up the slack for her. Jill is polite and friendly and, while she's at work, seems to be concentrating. She rarely socializes with anyone at work,...
How To Jumpstart Your Passion
I have been brain dead for a while now. I just didn't realize it. In June I gave birth to my third child. It was a pregnancy filled with gestational diabetes while trying to recreate and shift direction in my company. Most days I felt like I was on spin cycle getting nothing accomplished...
Are You Drawing The Best Out In Your Spouse?
This weekend was a busy one for me. It was filled with poignant moments that had me reflecting on life lessons. The first poignant moment came on Friday night. We had two other couples over for dinner that we hadn’t seen in a while. We were supposed to be a monthly gourmet dinner club...
Four Common Situations and How to Use Outcome Thinking to Solve Them.
First SituationHOW TO GET ANSWERS FROM AN UNRESPONSIVE PERSON VIA VOICE MAIL SITUATION: You have been trying to contact Susan. You have left numerous messages, but have received no response. How do you handle? OUTCOME DESIRED: You want to talk to Susan about an important matter, and you...
7 Steps to Developing Principles, Values and Premises
“Why can’t people just do the right thing? I sometimes feel like I am babysitting!”“Our new initiatives seem to come off as the flavor of the month and they don’t stick. What do I need to do to make people realize we are serious?”These are common laments I...
Challenging Yourself Outside Of Your Own Comfort Boundaries
As a kid I used to think it would be great if I could know exactly what people were thinking. As I have gotten older I have realized how scary a proposition that would be. Think about some of the thoughts you have had about your closest friends, your spouse, or your boss. Would they really be...
Parents and perfection
When did parenting and perfection becomes synonymous? How often have you heard someone say that their parents really screwed them up? This seems to be the standard cry of our society today. I struggle with this on two levels. The first level is I truly believe as parents that we are...
If We’re So Good…Then Why Aren’t We Doing So Well?
Like many businesses, you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead of your competition. You're developing new processes, training key people on how to be more efficient in their jobs, streamlining your products and services so they are at their peak, and enhancing your marketing...
The Secret and Outcome Thinking®
“The universe responds to whatever you are offering.” Jack Canfield Today as I read Jack’s Success Strategies the above quote kept pounding in my head. You are probably very familiar with The Secret by now and many of you are probably practicing it. It has gotten rave...
Help! I’m all Stressed Out!! Three Effective ways to Get Stress Out!
I saw a lady the other day at the supermarket. Her two boys were yelling, “Mom, I can’t find the soup. Mom, Mom, MOOOOM” and as our eyes caught a weary sigh left her lips. I smiled and said, “Remember when you couldn’t wait to hear the word Mom?”Sometimes it...

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