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Losing weight and taking care of your health is no longer a hassle
With constant advances in technology, losing weight and taking care of your health is no longer a hassle, and it has gained a number of tools to help with this task, either at the beginning of the year or every Monday. And smartphones and their peripheral accessories, such...
Insurance software solutions development
Insurance software solutions developmentAttracting a new generation of customers, deploying new products, new areas of activity, increasing the efficiency of operational activities thanks to modern, flexible and rule-based applications for individual and group life and health...
Are progressive web apps going to kill native apps?
 Did you know that PWA is the latest trend that is going to kill native apps? Investigate why is it going to happen in our article! More details here:
What is PWA?
 There are many features, that make PWA, Progressive Web Apps, more comfortable for users than native apps. Want to know what is exactly PWA and which requirements it has? Read our article right now! Here it is:
What is service worker in PWA
 What do you know about Progressive Web Apps and exactly about Service Worker, that helps PWA work in offline mode? It plays a role of the proxy server, that is situated between web applications, and between the browser and available network. Want to know more? Read our...
8 Useful Apps and Gadgets for an Easier Workday
Nowadays office environment becomes very stressful due to many distractions and if an employee will not use tools and gadget it is become difficult to enhance productivity. So consider some apps that will help you and give comfort you in your workplace. So that you can get your best.  Babble...
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