Falls are the third leading cause of work-related injuries. Generally there are serious fall accidents faced by the construction industry. These falls can be through roofs, platform, ladders and the like and OSHA believes that these accidents can be prevented by using safety harness and guardrails equipments. Guiding your employees to understand the need for safety equipments and usage of this equipment properly is a must in today’s generation.


When your workplace is been installed with fall protection safety system, it is one of the most responsibilities important time that you have to take care of. Equally important is the fact that every employee who will be the part of system should go through a fall protection training program. There are few elements that you should look for in a good training program.


However a fall protection safety program would not be effective in a dilapidated and rundown building. So for having an effective training program look for one that is held in a state of the art facility because this will allow workers to learn safely and enjoy the learning experience.


It is also exciting to find a fall protection systems company that provides you a custom curriculum for your one year training program. It means that the course will be designed specifically for a type of industry with its own safety needs. The program should be conducted both in the classroom and on the site. Talk about any fall protection training program that is worthy of name, it should have firm hands on training. The training program should make a real life situation with all its equipments like horizontal lifeline, guardrail system installed where the workers can learn rigging , using different types of harness, working in confined spaces and how to handle emergency situations. It is by doing this that most workers will ultimately learn what they need to do during the job.


Remember one of the most important things about a fall protection training program is for the workers to understand the use of safety equipment. Also, the employee needs certain certifications in order to show to you that they have taken that training. Plus there are other levels of certification that the workers need to have in advance in their careers as well as document their training. The best training program would also be the one that provides these certifications. Moreover the training program should also focus on explaining the employees about the possible precautions that they can take while any mishap happens and how to exit and inform others about any fall hazard.


It is never a bad idea to protect your company from any kind of court cases from work-place accidents. It is necessary for the employees to have the best safety training program on any new equipment. This will not only make you happy but your employees will also be safe. One should also take action to prevent tragedies on the job, and encourage the employees to develop a strong safety sense with all the possible fall hazards.


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Brent Owens is a safety expert who works hand in hand with many construction companies across the country to ensure that employees are always protected while at work. He recommends CAISafety.com as the best name to trust for high quality fall protection systems.

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