When it comes to patent drafting the elements of design patents are required to include the following:

•    The preamble that includes the name of the applicant along with a title for the design, a brief description of the nature of invention and its possible uses
•    Descriptions of the various figures used in the patent drawing
•    Description of various features but this is only an optional requirement
•    A single claim
•    Photographs or drawings of the invention and lastly
•    An executed oath or declaration

Applicants are also required to pay up a certain filing fee set forth by the authorities but in case the application is a small entity like an individual inventor, a non-profit organization or a small business, the filing fee is normally reduced.
For submitting your patent illustration you need to be especially attentive towards figure description which indicates what is represented by different views of the drawing i.e. its front elevation, top plan, perspective view etc. Apart from a brief description of the patent drawings any other specific description of the design is generally not necessary, for the drawing is considered as the best description of the design. Though it is not normally required any specific description of design is not prohibited. Along with figure description a few other types of statements are also permissible to be included in the specifications like:

•    A description of the appearance of various portions of the claimed design which are not or could not be included in the illustrated patent drawing disclosure.
•    Description of disclaimed portions of the invention which are not part of the claimed designs
•    Statements indicating broken line illustration of environmental structures those are not actually part of the patent illustration but are still sought to be patented.
•    Any description for denoting the nature of intended environmental use of the claimed design if that has not been already mentioned in the preamble.

Anybody applying for a patent must keep in mind that only a single claim can be included in a design patent application and the claim must also define the design that the applicant intends to patent.

Apart from this the patent drawing disclosure in another extremely important element of the patent application process and it is mandatory for every design patent application to either include a drawing or a black and white photograph of the claimed design. The drawing or the photograph must constitute complete visual disclosure of the claim that is being made. All patent drawings must also be clear and complete leaving nothing of the design left to conjecture. One must also take maximum care that the patent illustration or the photograph must also comply with all disclosure requirements and the patent illustrator must also include sufficient number of views for constituting a complete disclosure of appearance of the claimed design. The drawing is required to be in black ink drawn on white paper but both ink drawings and photographs must not be included in a formal solution. For more authentic information on the nuances of patent drafting process, visit Cotsiscad.com.

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