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When you think about the six sigma system of management, the first image that automatically springs to mind is an assembly line working together seamlessly to create products that are flawless through optimum use of resources at hand. Ever since the development of this concept, it has always been visualised as a system that primarily pertains to the manufacturing sector, helping businesses in reducing process inefficiencies and deriving maximum results from the resources that have entered the system. But off late, six sigma principles have been evolved to make them applicable to the service industry as well, helping companies in making sure that the customers only get the best quality delivered for their use.


Six sigma certification has been transformed to make it relevant to the service sector as well, with insurance companies, banks, schools and hospitals seriously applying these principles to improve their operations. Six Sigma in services is guaranteed to not only improve customer satisfaction but also produce sizable savings and significant improvements in the major operations of a business. These principles have helped various organisations in extracting the most profitability from their processes and ensuring that clients get the highest quality services delivered to them, in tandem with their expectations. This happens to be the key that can unlock higher levels of profitability and customer loyalty.


It should be noted that a service business is different from those that manufacture products because the former's main focus is to directly offer services to customers, meet their specific requirements and ask for feedback directly. Service offers are also said to be experienced by clients or customers faster when compared to products. These dynamics have been incorporated in six sigma certification and management principles to ensure that solutions are created to meet these specific needs. Customer interaction and transaction happens to be a key component of service processes and six sigma systems work to improve exactly that.


Whether through the active use of technology or via extensive training an orientation of customer service employees, a six sigma management system will strive to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction with minimum red flags. It is important for you to note that you need to make a few changes in the applications of various approaches linked to Six Sigma including DMAIC within a service environment. The importance of feedback is also emphasized in six sigma certification courses to ensure that businesses know exactly where they might be going wrong and what needs to be done to improve performance.


There are various online six sigma certification courses offered by institutes across the world. These programs allow trainees to learn on their own time, without the necessity of a classroom setting or compromises made on the work front. They happen to be convenient for both employees and employers and can impart high quality education with minimum loss of productivity. Visit to know more about six sigma certification online or to take up the course as part of your efforts towards self-career development.


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