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The trend of getting employees trained in the principles of Six Sigma is not new. But the sheer volume of companies adopting such practices in the past decade is truly remarkable. Enterprises all across the world are now interested in having a workforce that is trained and equipped with the knowledge of these management practices so that maximum productivity can be generated from its operations. In a market where competition is cut throat, any survival will be solely based on the quality of product or service that is being offered by a brand. Six Sigma training can help establish the required policies and practices so that these standards are adequately maintained by an organization and wastages are kept to a bare minimum.


There are various benefits that a company can avail of from getting its workforce Six Sigma certified. This article will detail out the most prominent ones.


Reduced mistakes and defects

The very core of the Six Sigma philosophy is reduction of mistakes and wastages through relevant changes in the operations of a company. Regardless of the industry you are operating in, an employee trained in Six Sigma principles will be able to drastically bring down the defects and fallacies experienced by customers when they get your product/service. Increase in quality is synonymous with a good market reputation which will eventually result in better sales. This will also help the organization in getting the most productivity from the resources it is utilizing, thereby reducing wastage and mistakes on the operational front.


Improved customer loyalty

By ensuring minimum defects in your product/service, you will end up creating a quality centered image of your brand. Users of your product will quote it for its high superiority and value which will go a long way in building customer loyalty in the market. A simple approach of employing six sigma certified workers will go a long way towards establishing your name as a trusted brand in the market. As a result of the focus on reducing defects, the company's emphasis is naturally on customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers generally end up being more loyal customers.


Better HR management

Six Sigma certification courses do not only focus on the streamlining of your organizational operations. Trained employees are always better team players and know how to communicate and work together for the betterment of the company as a whole. These employees have the skills and leadership talent to pull the entire workforce together and make them work as one cohesive unit. Six Sigma trained employees will create a working system that will improve the HR management practices in the company. When implemented properly, this system can reduce antagonism between the departments in a company, provide clear goals for everyone in an organization, and increase the effectiveness of all employees by promoting greater teamwork.


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