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Now say goodbye to all the hassles that are associated with wood burning traditional fireplaces because a great option is available in the market in the form of gel fuel fireplace. With these, your option of installation location simply skyrockets because you can place them on the walls or out at the patio. Relatively inexpensive varieties, these use cans that give non-stop service for 2.5 - 3 hours leading to straight burn. Many people tend to go for bulk purchase of cans when using these varieties because this helps you with significant cost savings.

Benefit from freestanding options

The design of these fireplaces is freestanding so that you can install them in any room of your choice. This flexibility of use is one of the best benefits associated with such products. Also, installation is quite easy because assembly requirements are not much. For small spaces and rented homes, these are a great choice and in situations when making permanent changes are not desirable.

Completely vent free designs
You do not require chimneys or vents in gel fuel options because being alcohol-based, no fumes or smoke emanates from these structures. So, for a safe use no additional structures are required. This naturally allows for a cost saving proposition adding to the popularity of such fireplace designs. You do not have to care for them or clean regularly as with traditional fireplaces where presence of ash makes maintenance a necessity.

Outdoor/indoor use as per requirement
You are not restricted when it comes to using the gel fuel varieties and they are perfect fit for both outdoor and indoor settings. Those who want to get extra space associated with these can install fireplace mantel shelf for decoration or practical purposes. If you do not want something fixed, portable designs are also available in the market. When considering outdoor use, it is better to talk with your manufacturer regarding their suitability.

Wall installation possibilities
Those who want to install them in walls can do it without any problems and this will work beautifully with a mantelshelf. For limited space issues, this is a great option as now it becomes possible to install them at a place where you couldn't have otherwise. However, when you are considering installation on the wall it is important to ensure a secured fastening and similarly in freestanding models, they should have a firm presence without any danger of toppling. You can take the wall mount ones to the outdoors and some people even install them in their bathrooms for added warmth and coziness.

Low maintenance requirements
People love the gel fuel varieties simply because they offer great flexibility of use and do not require much maintenance to keep them in top shape and working conditions. The reason behind this is of course that these do not give off a smoke and are of clean-burning variety. Also, there isn't any environmental impact as the gel fuel do not leave carbon footprints.

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