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Social security is needed when you are unable to pursue a job and earn money to feed your family. It is not just about feeding the family; it is also about dealing with various expenses of your family. You have to pay regular bills and school or education fees of your kids. You need entertainment in life, and that also comes in exchange of expenses. So, life becomes difficult when you are no more physically able to pursue a job. It happens in two situations. First of all, you reach the retirement age and thus you are not able to work. You may have become physically disable and that is why you cannot pursue a job anymore. For social security status in such cases at, you need to consult social security attorney St George to get the benefits from insurance companies as well as federal government.


In the following Section, we shall know about some facts regarding social security. Knowing these facts is important, if you want the benefits that social security scheme offers to you.


  1. More Than Just Retirement Benefits


Social security is more than just retirement. After retiring, people can claim their social security benefits. Many people have high value insurance policies, which ensure excellent payment after the retirement age. However, social security is not all about the retirement benefits. It also includes benefits in case of the disability. So, if you are choosing the social security insurance, most probably it will also include the disability benefits. Disability may occur at any point of time. Disability may happen due to many reasons. From accidents to side-effects of drugs, many reasons could be there. When disability makes your incompetent for pursuing your job, you can apply for the social security benefits. The social security will ensure you monthly salary which will help you to cover your expenses, including education fee of kids, medical treatments, etc.


  1. Various Reasons to Get Social Security


It is often thought that social security benefits are offered in limited cases, which look conventional or orthodox. In most of the cases, applications for social security for disability benefits are disapproved. Well, this is a myth. There is no such instance where social security for disability benefit is offered for a few conventional disability cases. With different kinds of disabilities, you can claim the benefits. For social security, it is absolutely important to understand different aspects of the application. Rejections happen due to mistakes in application, not due to type of disability.


  1. Lawyers Do Not Charge Upfront Fee


Many people fear to find a lawyer for the social security case. To get approval, you need to find disability lawyer who shall represent you in the court. Getting such a lawyer is not a simple thing. You need to find an experienced and skilled SSI Attorney St George. Now, choosing an experienced lawyer is a matter of high expenses. Well, that is true, but you do not have to pay a dime at the initial stage. There is no upfront payment. You should pay fee after the application for social security for disability benefit is granted.


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