I know some You Tubers with multiple channels, who live a miserable existence, forced to make videos all day long. The problem is, they tried to do too much, with hardly any results to show for it.If you want to get more views with less effort, the key is to do less stuf.but focus on the stuff that makes the most difference.


Make your channel stand out with your unique strengths. There are too many You Tubers out there trying to copy what other channels are doing. And while that can be a good strategy, ultimately you want to stand out in some way. The best way to do that? Focus on building around your unique strengths. What are you naturally good at? Focus your videos around your natural God-given gifts and go all in.


Don’t do what you’re passionate about, do what you’re curious about: Michael Jordan was passionate about baseball. But that got him nowhere. On the other hand, he was insanely curious about the game of basketball, and that curiosity led to him to Point.Passion is a short lived emotion, while curiosity is more deeply rooted.


Manage your energy properly so you don’t burn out: This means get out of your chair, stop recording, and hit the gym. If you don’t take care of your energy levels, you are going to burn out sooner than later. And there is no way to be consistent when that happens from youtube tools .


Be clear on how you feel when making your videos: The world top athletes are so clear on their emotions; they actually memorize how they want to feel at each stage of the game. Your feelings while making your videos, editing your videos, setting up your videos, etc it all spills through in the final product and how your viewers feel when watching your videos. Don’t make another video until you feel the way you want to your viewers to feel when watching your vides.


Be clear on how you want people to feel when watching your videos: Buzz feed actually has a system called Cultural Cartography that they use to engineer how they want to make viewers feel. That’s why their stuff goes viral so often. They understand exactly how they want to make viewers feel, and what they want to do for their viewers. Before you make another video, sit down for a second, and think about exactly how you want to viewers to feel after watching.

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