People research a lot when it comes to the installation of fireplaces. There is nothing wrong with this, but, one should also think about the removal at the same time as well! In general, people think about the removal of the existing fireplace only when they have to renovate their place or shift their home. However, being a little strategic, things could be made much easier.




Is the removal worth of it?

Most of the people prefer cast stone fireplace mantels at their homes. When it comes to the removal of the fireplace, the first thing that most people think about is reselling. In this context, if the fireplace is surrounded by or have any element of cast iron or any better quality timber, you shouldn’t let go of it and definitely try to take it with you to your new place. Again, one must be careful enough while removing these elements as the fireplace will not be functional if any of them get broken.


Steps of removal

Be it the contemporary or traditional models, removing an existing fireplace is a matter that requires proper technique. The first step in this process is the removal of the marble fireplace surrounds; those again can be availed in various types. Next, the attempt should be to remove the extended hearth if there is something like that. Finally, it is about closing up the opening of the fireplace, if there is no hearth or fire surrounding.


The work post- removal

Post removal of the fire surround, the opening can be covered up using bricks. Otherwise, one may go for boarding it up using the frame of timber around the facade of the opening. Before going to close the opening zone, it is important to sweep out the chimney. At the same time, the top of it should be thoroughly covered. The modern day travertine fireplace, is much easier to remove and install at a new place though.


To keep it safe

Fireplace surrounds made up of cast-iron are in general pretty heavy. Hence, prior initiating the process of removal of the joints, it is essential to lodge a piece of timber amidst the top of the surrounding and the floor to avoid it’s falling, when the joints are taken out. It is equally important to clear the zones within the fixing knots. In the occasion where the fixing gets too tough to be removed, it is advised to be careful enough while taking the lugs away from the wall.


Even though you can try these steps or simply watch a few DIY videos online and do it yourself, it is best to go for the professionals. There are plenty of manufacturers who will not only customise the design of your fireplace but will also install and remove them whenever necessary! This way no matter where you go you can take your beautiful marble fireplaces with yourself and enjoy the regal look of your room.


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