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The United States comes first in the list of developed countries in Asia. It is said that in 1492, Chrysostefher Columbus started his journey in search of the path of India by sea route. For some time Chrysoptera did not get anything, but when he arrived at one place, he thought he had done great discovery of India.

Christopher, it was not known that the place he's standing in is not India but America. In this way the European country was discovered in America. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about America which you hardly know about. The population of the United States is approximately 31 million.
You might be surprised to know, but every person in America consumes 600 coddrinks per year.
About 80 million tons of paper is used every year in America.
There are 5 million 26 million dogs in the entire United States, including many species of dogs.
One out of four Americans has come to the TV.
In America there is a city known as Ding Dong.
The largest mountain in America is Mount Maccindle, which is about 6,194 meters high, 6,194 meters
The highest cyclone in Asia comes to the western part of America, also known as Tufan Gali.
Since the US has used Eddie slippers in the war since then, America has not lost a single war since then.
In America, the weight of every woman is more than 50 kg.
America is the second largest military force in the world & how many states are there?
You do not have to wait 18 years to drive a car in America You can drive in the US at the age of 16.
Only at the age of 18 can you keep a bandwidth.
White House in Washington is in White House, which has 132 rooms.
American people throw 40 million papers every day.
About 30 lakh crores of gambling is played every year in the US.


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