It is a data file, which provides a secure connection between a web server and a browser. It provides a secure encrypted link/connection between a server and a browser via which data can be transferred or shared in a secured form. Data can be passed over the internet without compromising its privacy, integrity, and security. There are different levels of SSL certificate and those are:

Extended Validation (EV)

Organization Validation (OV)

Domain Validation (DV)


Extended Validation Certificate (EV) :

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the highest form of SSL Certificate on the market. Out of all SSL certificates, Extended Validation certificate (EV) is the highest of available SSL certificates. Although all SSLs use almost same powerful encryption technique, but to get EV you require accurate selection process. We can say that all the levels differ in process of identity verification and how the particular certificate is displayed. Once you get EV SSL certificate, you get a green address bar, which gives the feeling of security to all the visitors of that particular website.



Who Should Use EV SSL Certificates?

EV SSL Certificates can be utilized in all applications that require more grounded personality affirmation and included trust. High profile sites frequently focused for phishing attacks, for example, significant brands, banks or money related Certificates, can utilize EV SSL Certificates for their open confronting sites, however any site gathering information, handling logins or online installments can likewise profit by showing their confirmed brand identity.


Green Address Bar :

If an organization has EV SSL Certificate, its address bar (lock), https, organization name and nation will be green in color. If the association is partially encrypted, at that point the program will issue a warning message which will demonstrate that the area isn't completely secured and can be hacked by an outsider or hacker. For a domain which is completely secure or has a more elevated amount of SSL certificate, a green padlock appears. If the content is stacked over HTTP as opposed to https, green address bar won't be appeared, which indicates that association isn't completely secure.



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