Internet security is a major concern of all Internet users, whether you are a client or a website owner. This concern is due to an increase in internet threats on daily basis. These threats include viruses, which can erase all the data on hard disk creates a problem in the smooth working of software and even are programmed in such a manner that it steals personal information, bank details and identity. To fight against such threats you need internet security.
There are mainly two types of the security system:
Free Internet Security System
Paid Internet Security System

Difference between paid and free Internet Security Software
Time span: When we talk about Internet security software, we want to make sure that it works for a longer period of time. But that is not the case when we opt for free Internet security software. Free Software, which is available in the market is either for one year or less, whereas paid Internet security software is available for longer time periods i.e. 1-3 years.
Upgradation: When we talk about free software there is no requirement for upgardation, which is not the same with paid security software. We need to keep security software updated from time to time to take maximum advantage of it and keep our information and data safe and secure for any type of threats.
Extra Features: When we pay for certain service(s), we assume that we will get extra benefits; this is the exact case when we talk about the Internet security software. Free security software will only provide basic features whereas paid security software gives extra benefits to its customer or we can say that paid security software provides comprehensive protection.
Cost: People are often mistaken that both free and paid Internet security software work the same—these two provide the same level of security. But that is a myth. There is few free security software, which works better as compared to other free software, but protection or security provided by these are not guaranteed 100%. But of course, most of the people who use the Internet only for surfing and not for commercial or business purposes do not prefer paid software, however, it is always advisable to opt for paid security software to save the system from any type of virus attack.

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