UN certified packaging is used to contain hazardous and dangerous materials. United Nations has set up a standard which needs to be passed by packaging style to get UN certification. If a packaging style does not follow the regulations and standard set up by the United Nation then the packaging would not get UN certification.

The objective of this UN certification is to ensure the safety of the dangerous good during the transportation of these goods. Each UN package should have UN mark on it if it is UN certified. It is always important for every manufacturer to know about the updates of UN regulations but it becomes even more important when it comes to the delivery and shipping of the dangerous goods which can harm property and environment.  But if a company fails to comply with the regulations of the UN then it can lead to a dangerous situation. Thus UN certified packaging plays an important role in the safe transporting of dangerous and hazardous goods.

Here dangerous products do not mean that the products which are harmful because there are many beauty products which are included in dangerous products. The UN system for dangerous foods is accepted globally and universally recognized.

This universal system of safe packaging does not only package products but as well classify dangerous goods into 9 classes, package and mark the label to facilitate a safe transportation. All national and international regulations are set up by United Nation governing air, sea and road transportation. There are different guidelines and regulations for each specific mode of transportation.

The regulations set up by the UN dictate a minimum standard of performance which a packaging style needs to follow. If a packaging style does not meet with the minimum standard of performance then it will not get UN certification. It is the responsibility of the user to see UN certification if one wants to transport any kind of dangerous goods.

The package should meet the minimum standard of performance to go in next step to have UN certification. After meeting the set standard, a packaging style undergoes various rigorous physical testing to achieve UN certification.

It is the duty of the shipper to select a suitable package for the transportation of products. The shipper should have certification that he can package the dangerous goods correctly thus during transportation it will not affect anything.

A package gets UN certification after various rigorous physical tests such as drop, leak, stack, and pressure thus it is the responsibility of the shipper to check whether the package has the UN certified mark or not.  A Shipper can select from a wide range of UN packages that is fit for his requirements. Packages which don’t display the UN certification mark should not be used for the transportation of the dangerous goods else one may face a complex tragedy.



Remember that the UN certification mark always starts from word “UN” in a circle no matter whether it is of group one package or group nine.

Group one are considered the most dangerous goods such has radioactive elements which can emit harmful rays and can cause a big damage thus they need extra care while transporting. Thus packages for group one built with higher standard thus are expensive than that of the other packages which are suitable for the lower group while the task of all packages is the same to transport dangerous goods. 

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