Amidst the pool of technologies for app development, the preferred is the Kotlin. Not just being expressive but also that fact that it has a specific pattern makes it one if the best technology to be used when it comes to Android app development. With JVM being the platform, Kotlin effectively operates with Java. Additionally, a highly influential community stays up to ensure faster transmutation of the bugs and also induce modern technologies.

Pattern of Architecture

While looking for an architecture to code, the preferred model is Model - View - Presenter. The MVP model is utilized along with the Repository, Interactor and the patterns for routing. The induction of the above maps the iOS architecture VIPER in terms of the architecture pattern to be deployed while building an application for Android.

The library of the Mosby is incorporated to initiate the architecture. The architecture is effective in creating a presenter format of the app and also attaching and detaching the same is a lot easier.



While choosing the things pertaining to the Application Programming Interface, the preferred choice of library is the Retrofit of Square Inc. The prime advantage of hosting Retrofit is that it is type safe and compatible with HTTP client on the Android platform. It incorporates java that easily maps to the APIs of the HTTP in the interface running on Java.




Realm is the choice when you bring data persistence into consideration. It both high in speed and robust in providing solutions to varied kinds of projects. In addition to the above, Realm is easy, convenient and documented to work on a cross platform.




Any app is incomplete without images embedded to the same. An appropriate image with the best software reflects professionalism and attracts the user. Picasso is the best way to induce images which again is a product of the Square Inc. it ensures faster download of images and has a catching Library. Similar to the Realm, it's effective and easy to use. Also, having Picasso you need not write codes for catching or downloading images physically.




Operation and observations are done on the streams that are asynchronous which are basically the type streams on click or the event buses. Sequences are observed on the basis of the programs that are both based on events or asynchronous through the software named ReactiveX. An excellent idea to move past the old technique click streaming or hover events and create streams of data.


Consider a feed of Twitter as data streams similar to the click events. With ReactiveX, we can easily listen to those feeds and then act accordingly. To add to this, an array of tools are provided so that we can either combine or filter or even create similar streams of data. Here the benefit of Rx pops in. Rx allows using an output stream as the input of other or even series of output streams as an input of other. Also, merging streams or selectively filter a particular stream to emit events and choose the one we are interested in and also efficiently maps events from one stream to another. A pool of programs support RX and so does Kotlin. Also, the fact that Rx provides a wide assortment of benefits in the programming field has led to various libraries pop with dependencies that induces the features of the Rx and also incorporate its library.


Rxmarbles is an effective media for all the newbies to learn the technology and the way to use Rx.


 Dagger 2


One of the concepts that suggest a class’s dependencies should not be configured in a statistical manner rather from outside is termed as Inversion Of Control. Generally, in Java, classes are dependent on another where an instance is made of the class and this is referred to as Class Dependency


For instance, a class that is found to have access to the logger services would be bound to depend upon the default service class. Generally, the classes should not be dependent on other java classes. This paves a way to the fact that the independent classes can be reused and tested independently.


Suppose if an instance is created of a java class to be used by another class then the former cannot be reused or tested without deploying the prime class and this is called hard dependency.


 Injection of the dependency is a concept by which the independence be acquired. One of the most efficient injectors of dependency on both Android and iOS platform is Dagger 2. A former version of Square is not run and monitored by Google.




A framework for test unit in Java, Mockito is regarded as an imposter or in terms of software development it is fake. Often used as a stand in cases test run in class dependency.


Generally, every software is dependent. Action class would depend upon services, and this on DOA and henceforth the list goes on. In such a case, testing a code might be difficult as all are dependent and so a fake is required to seamlessly test units of your code. Mockito helps in creating codes in advance primarily known as TDD, an isolated system, verification of stub calls or testing resources that might not be accessible.




Expresso consists of three elements: ViewMatchers, ViewActions, and ViewAssertions. Effective in writing concise codes, espresso is effective in synchronizing UI with test application and in a way ensuring that activities start and end at the right time.

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