“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.”                –Oscar Wilde

Food is the solution to every problem if you just eat the right kind. So if your business is providing food, your business will never run into a loss. Food delivery app industry is on an all-time high. But with high competition, it’s important to build the best food delivery app with great features that can give competitions to giants like UberEATS, Seamless, DoorDash, etc.


Fighting against such industry giants who have the backing of millions of dollars is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Going for online food delivery app clone script is a very feasible option as you can beat your competitors at their own game.


How this works is you buy a clone script, for instance, UberEATS clone script and build your own UberEATS like clone app using these scripts. You will get all the features of UberEATS in the clone script and the best part is that this UberEATS clone app will be completely customizable so you can change everything that you wish to in the app.


The Best online food delivery app clone script companies also offer a range of UberEATS clone app development plans for the same script according to your budget. This gives a hope for entrepreneurs who may lack budget at the beginning, further you can add features as your revenues start coming in and you plan to update and expand the app and your business.


Enough chatter about what the clone app is, now let’s see what features are a must while working on an online food delivery app clone script.


First, we need to understand that the UberEATS clone app should be a 3-panel app for; Customers, Admin (You), and the Restaurants.

Features for Customers


·         Search Near By Restaurant

·         Filter restaurant by cuisines

·         Search Categories / Sub Categories

·         See Product Details & Description

·         Customizable Ingredients of Each Dish According To Individual Preferences

·         Manage Quantity of Order

·         Add to Cart product

·         Order Placing and Cancellation or Schedule order

·         Multiple Order At A Time

·         Pickup and/or Delivery Destination Set by Map

·         Real-Time Order Tracking

·         Check Order Status

·         Get a Complete Delivery Information

·         Multilingual

·         Multiple Payment Gateway (Stripe / Paypal)

·         Add Multi card for payment

·         Call delivery Boy For Update on Order

·         Review and Rating Restaurants and Dishes

·         Profile Update

·         Promo / Referral Codes

·         In-App Wallet


Features for Admin


·         Login Social Media

·         Phone / SMS Verification

·         Pending Approval

·         Daily Earnings

·         Setting Up Commission Rates For Each Order

·         Receive New Order Request

·         Track Store location

·         Availability of Each Dish in The Menu


Features for Restaurants


·         Restaurant Store App

·         Manage Products (Add, Update)

·         Manage Inventory

·         Manage categories

·         Incoming Orders Details

·         Dispatch Order Details

·         Billing and Payment Statements

·         Manage Driver Details




The Features listed above are the ones that are to be integrated into your online food delivery app clone script. These features will give you a fair fighting chance against UberEATS, Seamless, etc. If your goal is to go higher than them then you need to innovate and add new features that none of your competitors have in their food delivery app. For that, you would need to hire the best online food delivery app clone script company that can build your dream app.


A creative team of designers and developers will help you to build your unique startup. So; make sure to work with a reliable team instead of armature freelancers.

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