The year 2018 is likely to witness some staggering changes in the world of commerce. At home in the US, some businesses that excelled last year will sink to average, while others that have been struggling to rise above the water for a while will miraculously come out in top positions. With that is going on, people looking to get a break in the franchise business must pay close attention. 2018 looks good for franchising, and that makes it a good year to make your entry in the US franchise system. To help you arrive at a practical decision, here are the top 5 American franchises of 2018. Grab a copy of a good franchise magazine to get the full list of top franchises this year.




Like every year, McDonald’s is doing great. From runner-up position last year, it has rose to number one this year. The top spot however is not for those that have barely been it as above average. The giant fast food chain proves that by its whopping turnover last financial year. A quite costly investment in the fast food domain, McDonald’s at number one is definitely worth the salt. If you can rake up a seven-figure fund and has some cash in hand to cover the initial investment, then McDonald’s the best place to pitch all of them on.




Don’t be discouraged that this convenience store chain has dropped a place since last year. 2nd place is not exactly a bad place after all. This year, 7-Eleven is definitely one of the biggest franchise opportunities in the US. Last year, it weighed in at 3336 units across US, an unbelievable number for a convenience franchise. This year, that will multiply even further. With great training facility and affordable franchise cost, 7-Eleven is definitely a great point to start your franchise career.


The UPS Store


In the courier industry, the UPS is in first place this year, just as it was in the previous year, and one before that. In fact, the UPS store has stayed in the top position for 27 consecutive years. That explains how it is one of the key contenders in the franchise systems in USA. Its initial franchise fee is quite reasonable, although you do need to have 6 figures ready for the starting investment. On the whole, it is a great company to start franchising for.


Sonic Drive-In Restaurants


Drive-in restaurants are growing big this year and one name that keeps popping up in the franchise directory is the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. If you are interested in the restaurant business, and have a fat fund ready at hand, close your eyes and buy yourself a franchise right for Sonic Drive-In.


Great Clips


Hair salons in 2018 are getting even bigger than last year. Great Clips, one of US’s favorite haircut destinations, presents great opportunities for aspiring franchisees with small funds. It has a relatively tiny franchise fee and the initial cost is not too intimidating for a person ready to get into franchising.


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