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 The buyer’s bank requested a copy of the order receipt, and found it as an illegible copy, or something other than the requested item. Most commonly caused by the seller when he provides a substitute order receipt that did not contain all of the required information or was an incomplete substitute acknowledgment, or other than the requested item.

Most Common Causes
The merchant submitted order receipt with the information which is not sufficient or incomplete or is different from the requested information.
  • Characters in the receipt were invisible or not prominent because of light ink.
  • The copy is ribbed or on colored paper.
  • The original order receipt is mishandled.
  • The copy is faded or stained.
  • The original sales receipt is scanned in smaller size, makes it unclear or different.
Evidence Required
  • If possible, resubmit a copy that is clear enough to read or complete copy of the order receipt to the acquirer.
  • If the merchant has incomplete or missing information, accept the chargeback.
  • If the merchant provided illegible copy and an enquiry is related to a fraud, accept the chargeback.
  • In such case, the merchant doesn’t have any re-presentment rights.
  • Scan the order receipt in actual size as original sales receipt or print on white paper only. Scanning in smaller size makes it unclear or distinct.
  • Replace/refill the printer’s toner or cartridge so that it doesn’t run low on ink or paper. When the ink starts to fade, use different cartridge. When the first copy starts to fade or stain, change the roll of the printer.
  • Print and keep white copy of order receipt, give colored one to the customer, the color paper does not copy as visible as white one.
  • Make copies at the similar size as the original order receipt. If the sales acknowledgement is scanned or microfilmed, do not reduce the image size, it results in poor quality of the copy.
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