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The gender reveals party can be seen as an analog of the baby shower, which also employs the trope of pink (denoting a female) or blue (denoting a male) to designate gender. However, it is more often than not, when the parents learn the baby's predicted sex. The classic baby shower is now being replaced with the trendy gender reveal party. Thanks to ultrasound technology, many couples can find the gender of a pregnancy as early as the 16th week of pregnancy via ultrasound science. As soon as the gender can be determined a gender reveal party can be organized.


Your invitation list may be slightly laxer than it would be for a wedding or baby shower. Gender revealing parts are likely to be suitable for all friends and family, but you may want to keep the list.


There are usually games waiting for the baby's gender before the big moment. Party games are the heart of the sex reveal party. I love the games with scratch off the cards most; they are simple, interactive and create a whole lot of suspense. But you`ve got to choose from the possibilities to interact with others and incorporate the colors pink and blue. Often times, there's a cake (or cupcakes) that, when bitten into, reveals the gender dictated by the color of the icing (blue for a boy, pink for a girl).There are many other ways to reveal the baby's gender with confetti, balloons and other creative methods. Most families and friends share videos of the big reveal on social media.


If you want to reveal the sex of a baby without using cupcakes or cake, try adding games with small prizes. Include a slip of paper in one of the prize boxes that reads the sex of the baby. To have a great gender revealing party, you should start by choosing a theme or help to reveal the baby's gender to your party guests. Then, prepare for the party and decorate the party with the theme in mind so your guests are sure to have a great time when they finally find out the baby's gender.


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The My Scratch Offs team is ready and willing to assist you in formulating a scratch card that is sure to grab and hold your audience's attention. Let's face it: people love exciting experiences.

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