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 When the world prepares itself to welcome fall and the eventual winter months, the furnace is one of the most significant measures or rather an inevitable equipment which helps us to survive through the wild winter months.


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A gas furnace is handy, efficient and a must have for many, but on the other hand, it requires care and constant maintenance to avoid any accident, and ensure that it can provide its best service. Furnace manufacturers in India make sure that the furnaces are built keeping in mind all the safety measures for the ease of use of their customers.


However, these tips mentioned below will ensure a safer and better use of furnaces at home:


1. Always keep the area around the furnace clean, especially the filters, in order to make it work efficiently and also save money. This is not a tough one and anyone can easily do it by following the maintenance instructions given along with the product.


2. Any items that are flammable should be kept away from the furnace. Small pieces of wood, paper or any other light weighted objects should not be kept near, because these can easily get into the way through which it is taking in the air of the room. The area around should be clean in order to avoid any fire hazards.


3. A furnace which is in need of repair should be taken care of immediately. If yellow colored flames or a dusty smell is around then definitely something is wrong with the furnace, and a call should be made to the service center immediately. It could be a case of half combustion, which leaves carbon monoxide behind as its residual which is very harmful if inhaled, so such an incident must not be ignored. A well-maintained furnace will produce a very little amount of carbon monoxide which is colorless as well as odorless and mixes with the air easily.


4. Children should be kept away from a heated furnace, they should not be allowed to play or go near a furnace because the body, especially the grills, get heated up in no time. So children should not be allowed near a furnace to avoid any accidents.


5. Since carbon monoxide is the most toxic gas that a furnace exhales, keeping a constant check on that is very important. Some companies have come up with CO level detectors which will easily help you to detect the carbon monoxide exhalation and will warn you on time that it is in need of maintenance.


6. It is a very common notion that while the furnace is on, all the ventilators, like doors, windows should be closed tight, to increase the temperature quickly. However, some outlet should be there in order to avoid overheating of the place and also to avoid high resistance.


7. There are furnaces that require lubrication once in a month at least because of constant usage. The motors especially should be maintained well in order to avoid half combustion, which sometimes leads to leakage in the pipe as well.


Furnaces are necessary as well as demands high maintenance because of the continuous rigorous work it is performing. Almost all furnace manufacturers in India, provide their customers with a dos and don'ts leaflet which should be followed religiously for safe use and longevity of the equipment.

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