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When it’s time to ramp up production, manufacturers who rely on specialized metal parts, fittings and hardware are likely to find these items simply cannot be cost-effectively produced in house. A sand casting foundry that specializes in nothing but the creation of metal products on behalf of clients can deliver the necessary results. Finding the right foundry to work with can require a little homework, but those up to any task – big or small – tend to set themselves apart.

If it’s time to find a foundry to contract with for
aluminum sand casting, copper alloy casting or the creation of products from other metal alloys, consider these points:

•    The expertise level of the operation and its staff – Bronze sand casting is an age-old art that requires expertise to properly perform. Foundries that exist to meet the needs of multiple clients tend to have years of experience in the industry. Staff members are also highly trained in traditional copper base casting, the use of modernized equipment such as Hunter and Sinto molding machines and other processes for molding and coremaking.

•    The capacity offered – When companies turn to lead free casting experts to ensure their production stays on track, a foundry’s capacity will matter. When seeking a company that can deliver precision parts on time, look at such factors as facility size, the number of staff members and the types and number of machines available to help fulfil customer orders. The better foundries have the staffing, capability and expertise available to deliver orders from one-offs to those involving thousands of units.

•    The quality assurances provided – Quality control processes should be built into a foundry’s workflow from start to finish. Clients ordering eco brass fixtures for plumbing work, for example, cannot afford shoddy workmanship. To that end, the better brass, aluminum and copper base casting companies are ISO 9001:2008 certified and go above and beyond to ensure quality management of their production processes. Features to look for include an onsite lab, chemical analysis capabilities for copper and aluminum-based alloys, tensile testing and in-house weldability testing, among others.

When production demands high-quality sand casted metal alloy parts, a professional foundry is the place to turn for assistance. Foundries that are committed to excellence in service and quality production can ensure their clients’ metal alloy parts needs are met.

About the Company

Gamma Foundries is one of Canada’s leading
sand casting companies. The foundry has been in existence since the 1950s and proudly meets the production needs of clients across the globe.

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