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In Phoenix, Arizona, there may or may not be a marijuana dispensary near an Ahwatukee day care in the near future. A license was issued for a marijuana dispensary in a shopping center near 48th Street and Elliot Road, which is near an Ahwatukee day care.

Arizona Cannabis groupEven though Arizona law prohibits a dispensary from setting up shop near a school with the exception of any exceptions made during the public comment process, the law does not consider the day care a school. So a dispensary can be located legally near a day care, even though it cannot be placed near a school. The dispensary licenses come from a lottery run by the Arizona Department of Health Services. To enter the lottery, a person needs to have a location for the dispensary where it can legally be called a marijuana dispensary. But the locations do not have to be approved by the city in which they want to set up shop in.

A lot of people, the Ahwatukee day care included, are fighting the opening of the Ahwatukee dispensary. The staff at Grace Garden Christian Preschool has been circulating flyers calling for a community meeting to prevent the dispensary from opening up. They find it frustrating that dispensaries can be put up near a day care when the law already decided to keep them away from schools so it is not as accessible to children.

The location is currently being used by a Valvoline Express Oil Change business and the flyers say the owner of the oil change business is the one who got the dispensary license. But the accused says it is not him who got the license, but the person who owns the building who got the license.

The Arizona Department of Health Services cannot disclose the identity of the person who owns the license so it is impossible to verify if the information on the flyers is accurate or not.

According to a spokesperson for the city of Phoenix, six applications have been submitted to verify the oil change shop could be legally turned into a marijuana dispensary but the paperwork to being the public comment process and to open up the dispensary has not been submitted yet.

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