Private Cloud Providers with Disaster RecoveryThere are many different forms a mobile business can take. From a hairdresser that visits a client's home to a furniture cleaner that brings their equipment to residential properties, there are thousands of different concepts you can use to mobilize your business. With some creative thinking and the latest technology, it's possible to make a mobile business just as successful as any other type of business. This article will discuss a few ways you can shorten your working day and reduce work-related stress.

Tip #1: Consider Digital Booking

A website hosted on the private cloud by the best providers with built-in digital booking will save you both time and money. You should consider integrating a system that allows your clients to check your availability and book appointments automatically whenever you're free. This type of system will forward all relevant information and create a note for you for future referrence, allowing you to concentrate on your business. There are many automatic booking systems available, including:

  • Checkfront
  • Rezdy
  • Square Appointments
  • DigitalBooker
Tip #2: Use your Smartphone to Accept Payments

While you can take payment at the time of booking by placing secured payment options on your website, many people prefer paying once services have been rendered. In such cases, you will want a device that allows you to scan credit cards using your mobile phone. There are many such devices for sale on the Internet. The most popular is the Square Reader.

Tip #3: Purchase Daily Insurance

Many mobile business owners purchase annual insurance. While annual insurance offers good coverage for the money if you're working much of the year, you'll find yourself paying for extra coverage you don't really need if business tends to slump or if you go on vacation. You can save a large amount of money by purchasing insurance by the day, even if only to start off with. Then as your business grows, you can look into better options.

However, that doesn't mean you should drop the insurance you've already bought. You can try to explain your situation to your insurer, and they might make a few concessions by dropping coverage you don't need, or even offer you a better price for coverage that's better suited for your needs.

Furthermore, the importance of shopping around cannot be overstated. If you believe one private cloud company might be too expensive, shop around with other companies. You might find another company that offers the same (or similar) level of coverage for less money.

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