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Taking a new product design from the conceptual phase to full market release demands lining up the right suppliers to make any necessary components that cannot be created in house. When metal components play a crucial role in the product design, many firms will discover attempting to mass produce such materials within their own facilities can be rather cost prohibitive. After all, the work that goes on within a sand casting foundry is highly specialized. Making the decision to contract out this piece of production to a sand casting company with the right level of expertise can save hiring firms time, money and headaches.

A sand casting company that works on behalf of other clients brings a number of benefits to the table that hiring firms often cannot replicate inhouse with any degree of ease. These specialty companies serve their clients by saving them:

•    Money – Establishing a sand casting foundry within a production site typically geared to creating the end product is a very costly pursuit. Lead free casting, copper alloy casting and the creation of other metal products demands highly specialized equipment and experienced professionals to pull off. When the decision is made to contract out with a foundry to gain eco brass or other critical metal parts, equipment startup costs and ongoing staff expenses are removed from the equation. This can represent an immediate savings in equipment while eliminating ongoing costs related to staffing.

•    Time –When aluminum sand casting or copper base casting is required to create key components for an end product, uniformity and quality will both matter a great deal. This demands having the expertise to make not only the molds, but also to oversee ongoing production. A sand casting company that specializes in nothing but producing components for clients can ensure on-time production whether a run only calls for a few units or thousands.

•    Hassles – The sand casting process is highly regulated due to safety and environmental concerns. Whether there is a need to have c87850 components created or a unique aluminum piece must be mass produced for an end product, working with a sand casting foundry can remove regulatory concerns from the equation. This can save a hiring company the hassles that go along with compliance while still ensuring necessary product components are delivered on time every time.

Making the decision to contract out with a sand casting company for critical components saves time, money and hassles. When quality and on-time delivery matter, these specialists deliver.

About the Company

Gamma Foundries is one of Canada’s largest non-ferrous foundries. The company is the sand casting foundry clients have trusted to deliver results since the 1950s.

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