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 New Order Environmental Services is renowned for its expertise in automated systems, simulation and robotics drone UAV inspection services. Since establishment, our professional team has been providing innovative technological solutions to complete tasks in hostile or restrictive environments. Our services are used by various organizations requiring the highest level of safety and efficiency mainly in industrial and radiological sector.

Our professional and qualified team is always at the forefront to accomplish the project with desired results. Due to reliability and offering customized solutions at economical cost has built up the trust of our customers across the globe.New Order Environmental Services striving hard to meet the needs of its customers more effectively.Our mission is to provide innovative, effective and reliable solutions to our customers. This commitment to efficiency and reliability is put into practice by our hardworking employees.

New Order Environmental Services offers aerial drone UAV inspection services which enables to inspect the hostile and restrictive areas of the facility more easily and quickly.Inspections using UAV are quick to accomplish and helps in achieving high-level and wide areas of surveys without facing any difficulty. Our aerial inspection services saves time and money and at the same time increases safety of the areas. Our highly trained employees inspect all areas including large complex industrial structures, oil and gas refineries, large towers, wind turbines and much more. To gather more information, we also provide topographic survey data.

Drone UAV inspection service can be an effective solution for high level inspection requirements.

  • High rise construction projects
  • Pipelines
  • Topographical surveys such as Crops/Mine Product Survey Asset Valuation
  • Transmission Lines
  • Bridges
  • Crane Surveys
  • Offshore Platforms such as Drilling, Production & Transformer
  • Turbine Wind Towers

Our team works with technical engineers to produce detailed inspection surveys containing Geospacially Referenced GPS Radiological Surveys and capture high resolution images for inspections. In addition to that we also use various techniques which help to understand the structures and decrease the risk in the workplace by highlighting the main issues.

New Order Environmental Services has built a great network and technology for customers to capitalize and use our services for their advantage. We are convinced that it is more affordable to tap our services for drone UAV inspection service than to go for different individual operators.

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