As one of the UK’s largest independent providers of air compressors, compressor products and services, Copper Freer in Northampton, Corby, Leicester, Boston, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Coventry, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Derby provides customers with  top quality equipment for their needs, taking into consideration their process requirements.


Cooper Freer offers an extensive range of air compressors, including oil lubricated and oil free compressors. Every product comes with a clear promise i.e. maximum performance and long-lasting functionality at the best price. Our range of air compressor units has been selected based on their uncompromising performance and reliability, as well as their ability to deliver perfect compressed solutions at the lowest cost of operation.


Here at Cooper Freer Compressors, we provide our customers with premium products, high quality functions and energy efficient compressors. Whether you are running a small workshop or large facility, our product range will have the ideal solution for you. Never go for unreliable and cheap equipment when your functionality and process is at stake. With our fleet of highly qualified and experienced technicians that are available 24/7, you can be certain that when you select Cooper Freer compressed air units, we will do the right thing by you.


At Cooper Freer, we differentiate ourselves by:

  • Providing the Best Solution for our customers
  • Offering Top Quality Products
  • Offering High Quality Repairs
  • Backed by Quality Maintenance & Servicing


We value our customers and we pride ourselves on being the perfect compressed air solution providers. This means that no matter what your requirement is, we always strive hard to provide you with the best equipment from our vast product line. Furthermore, all our equipment is renowned for its top performance and reliability, both in local and countrywide markets. We also have a comprehensive stock of compressor parts and accessories. We provide you with a quality repair parts and maintenance service.


Through delivering the greatest value for money, not just the cheapest, Cooper Freer helps facilities and businesses across the region maintain business as usual by decreasing the cost of operations and time wastage linked with untimely breakdowns.


Is your business located in Northampton, Corby, Leicester, Boston, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Coventry, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Derby? Are you in the market for high quality, reliable air compressor units? Call Cooper Freer on 0116 2710401 or fill in our online enquiry form, and let us help you find the right air compressor unit.

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