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It’s a beautiful world with extravagant splendor all around. We humans are always making memories we want to cherish for a long time. To capture and store away those memories what else can be a better way but photography? A photographer is a person trained in the art of taking beautiful and creative photographs. He is a magician who can turn the very ordinary and dull things of our daily lives into something catchy with the help of his camera. Photography is a talent not found in many and those who possess it can even give life to a lifeless object. It is an art that with its exquisiteness can portray not only the happiness but also the sad and bitter truths of life. It can also be called a vision or an imagination that can be made come true with the right tool in the hand. Taking pictures from a camera is a minor thing; it is the power of observation that counts and makes beautiful photographs.


The work is similar to that of a painter. Photographers can pick up even a basic camera and take exceptional images anytime because they are so perfectly trained and they apply the fundamental adjustments to alter brightness or optimize colors an lo and behold – you have an exceptionally beautiful photograph.


If you are an admirer of photographs and want to try your hand at it and discover if there indeed is a closet photographer lurking inside, here we are listing out some of the most common types of photography’s. Not every photographer is all of them, but every photographer is one of them:


  • Landscape Photography - Fascinated by the natural beauty of the world? You’ll obviously love landscape photography, which involves photography of large areas of space or lands. It may also focus on man-made objects or disruptions of landscapes. A bigger fan? Fill your house with natural park photography prints. Or do you need an inspiration? Check out Montana scenic landscapes.


  • Fashion photography - So you are a photographer and a fashion freak and want to work with the biggest fashionistas and fashion magazines? You must try fashion photography.


  • Fine art - Your stretch of imagination is too wide? And you look at this world with your own vision? Try fine art photography. It is photography that aims to express the artist’s perceptions and feelings. You may visit Fine art photography galleries for more insight. The photography of nature-landscapes, seascapes, the sky and life combined in its natural form along with fine art can be described as Fine art nature photography.


  • Portraiture- It is all about capturing the emotions, expressions and individuality of a being or a group by focusing mainly on their face or at times on their half or full bodies.


  • Wildlife - Fascinated by animals? Become a wildlife photographer and document animals in their natural environment.


  • Abstract photography - Abstract photography involves depicting an image that does not correlate itself with the objective world and has been shaped through the perfect use of cameras or by directly altering pictures, paper or other photographic source. It may be portrayed to produce an apparently illusory appearance from the actual object to express an emotion or a sensation.




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