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Before buying a high flow catalytic converter, why don’t you read this?

If you are going to the market for purchasing a new catalytic converter and you are performer enthusiasts then there are high chances that you will be considering buying a high flow catalytic converter. If you aren’t, then after reading the benefits from this article, you might consider buying.

But before you start let me tell what the above content is all about. It doesn’t focus on boring OEM universal catalytic converters that you put on your mom’s old vintage car. If you are looking for a replacement cat for your Chevy Cavalier, then reading the above content is waste of time. Only if you are looking for performance parts whose sole purpose is to increase the torque and horsepower, then you are at the right place. So let’s get into it, shall we?

I am assuming that you have high-performance vehicle or at the max a vehicle that you are planning to get it modified. If you aren’t familiar with high flow catalytic converter, let me explain to you what they are and how it can help your vehicle gain horsepower.

First and foremost, catalytic converters convert toxic engine exhaust into cleaner and more environmentally friendly services. This is done by using a catalyst inside the device that is why it is called ‘catalytic converter’. Anyways the problem with OEM is that it restricts the airflow. This is mainly because they are built to function as smoothly and effectively as possible. But your latest car wasn’t built to be a high-performance machine. And it was built for something else and nobody is stopping you from that!

The high flow catalytic converter was created with performance in mind. In simple words, it lets more air flow unrestricted through your exhaust system. It makes your car street legal and it can pass all the emissions tests during the inspection.

So how does a high flow catalytic converter helps? Before we answer this, first tell me…whether you have headers or exhausts on your vehicle? If not then high flow catalytic converter is not the thing to be buying yet. You cannot install a high catalytic converter if these two are not installed in your car. A high catalytic converter would be least effective if that would be combined without headers and exhausts.

But again there is one question that you might be pondering of. And that is whether high flow catalytic converter is worth buying or not? Well, we have an answer for that as well.

If you have a bone-stock vehicle then buying then buying a high flow catalytic converter is majorly for the upgrade of the engine. If you have an older car (some +8 years), then the cat will add power to it. But if you have a modified car, with significantly more power engine then buying a cat will add to the horsepower even more. In short, buying or not buying depends on the car you possess.

Finally, bear in mind that a high flow converter will often boost the fuel economy on performance vehicles.

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Benjamin Harvey is a mechanical engineer specializing in automobiles, and is closely associated with working and researching on catalytic converters. He is of the opinion that is the best destination to sell catalytic converters.

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