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We know that we have pollution all around us and are occupied with exhaust and dangerous emissions of hydrocarbons, CFCs, nitrogen oxides and many other dangerous gases that damage the atmosphere when released into the atmosphere. For this, there is a device called catalytic converters that helps in reducing the amount of dangerous gases by converting these gases into water vapor and less toxic gases with the help of a chain of chemical reactions. Catalytic converters are fixed into the exhaust of cars since 1993 that helps in reducing the amount of pollution. Those who buy catalytic converters have reported that they have experienced lessened pollution by their vehicles, thus helping them to contribute to the well being of the environment.

Catalytic converters have a core of ceramics fitted with pores, having measurement of less than 1 mm. These pores are covered with processed catalysts of metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium. As these pores are compact enough for the engine, they heat the engine of the vehicle. The chemical arrangement of these exhaust gases that goes through it gets converted in order to remove harmful smog causing gases and convert it into nitrogen and oxygen.

Gases like hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide are converted into carbon dioxide and water. These devices are so effective that the variance in the emission caused by cars having converters installed and those without the converters is quite significant. The life span of these converters is quite good, though it needs to be checked by technicians at regular intervals.

The issues related to catalytic converters are not many, even though sometimes it can lead to increased emissions from the exhaust which can lessen the engine performance. In such case, you can sell off your catalytic converters. A Google search with search terms ‘where to sell catalytic converters’ will easily highlight places near you where you can sell them. The amount of excess un-burnt fuel in the exhaust can lead to high temperature that can damage the material of the catalyst. As a consequence of this, the catalytic converter starts getting slower and converts less chemicals and the exhaust contains dangerous gases.

In the same way, quick cooling of the catalytic converters like immersing them in water can lead to internal honeycomb structure to cut up the exit of the exhaust pipe. The efficiency of the engine gets reduced if the converter becomes plugged. You must regularly check the converters to make sure they are working as expected and not leading to any kind of dangerous or opposite effects.

Sometimes, catalytic converters fail because of different kind of faults in the device or any issue with the engine performance. It can also happen because of any glitch in the lambda sensors. In such cases, you can sell your converter into the scrap where it can get recycled. Recycling catalytic converter can help in getting better efficiently; shutting down every kind of problem you might have faced with the device. Checking the equipment properly will make sure that it is perfectly fine and not going to cause any problem in the future.

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