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With constant advances in technology, losing weight and taking care of your health is no longer a hassle, and it has gained a number of tools to help with this task, either at the beginning of the year or every Monday. 

And smartphones and their peripheral accessories, such as smartwatches or pedometer- equipped smartbands , are the preferred tools and leading ones in this daily help. There are several apps to lose weight or help your fitness life , both for Android and iOS , for you to download and use on your jog or to guide you in the gym exercises. 

Here we list the best apps, considered to be the best for healthy living, diet aids and to help you lose weight. The only thing that is required, is a good internet connectivity and for people living in the United Arab Emirates, Du Home Internet is smooth.


Both iOS and Android offer native fitness apps on their operating systems. These apps both serve as their own apps for losing weight by monitoring your movements and exercises, as well as serving as a health data center. On iOS , the Health app connects to all other fitness apps and motion monitors, including the Activity app , which is unique to Apple Watch Users and monitors everything, exactly everything you do every day: exercise, movement and until the time you stand.


To lose weight efficiently, nothing like the good old aerobic exercise. That jog or unpretentious walk can be the main exercise to help you live a healthier life and reach your desired weight. And the Strava app is a favorite of athletes, whether professional or amateur, to monitor aerobic physical activity.


If you prefer a more varied exercise routine but aren't a fan of the gym environment, the Nike Training Club app might be a good choice for you.  
There are over 185 different workouts for different goals, whether to lose weight, increase muscle mass, regardless of your level of fitness experience The exercises are displayed in video format for quick and complete user learning. You set a goal and the app already creates an exercise plan for you.


Losing weight, getting fit and living a fitness life can be for many a daunting task for lack of time. But with the help of current technology, this is no longer a problem. 
The 7 Minute Workout app is designed to get you up and running with very little time a day. These are high intensity workouts focused on weight loss and fitness gain. 
It's kind of a challenge that the 7 Minute Workout app gives the user who wants to lose weight and get fit, all with little time a day, but every day. 






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