If you need to maintain an effective business over the internet, it is essential to secure your site. Web security isn't what Google needs to play with and will not let others play with either. In the event that you are as of now playing safe by securing your website, it will help you in enhancing your inquiry positioning and will win you new and faithful clients. 

Here are some basic advances that are to be pursued to secure your site. Before bouncing to usage ventures of SSL certificate, we should initially comprehend about SSL.

SSL And How SSL Works

SSL Certificates protect your customer's personal data including passwords, credit cards, and identity information. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to increase your customer's confidence in your online business.

If your site is secured with SSL, it will give a feeling of certainty to your client while offering their own data to you over the net. This won't just acquire your client's devotion yet additionally enable you to increase new clients. 'The more certain the client feels, the more business you will get', this is the manner by which it works. Presently in the event that you are stressed to get a secure site for your business and consider how much it will cost you, let me give you an uplifting news. You needn't bother with another site. You should simply introduce SSL certificate and set up URL (to divert all HTTP://connections to https://).

Need for SSL for your restaurant

It builds customer trust: As discussed, https:// prefix gives the sense of security to the internet user. It is normal to collect your customer’s information for the record but it is far more important to make the customer comfortable with sharing his/her personal details. In case if you have not secured your restaurant website with SSL, on opening your webpage, a warning message will trigger about non-secure connection/page. In such a situation, there are high chances that the customer will leave the page and search for a secure website rather. You will lose a customer for sure but the ranking of your business will also be affected, no matter how good your services are and how tasty your food is. So it is important to secure your site with SSL.

Improves search ranking:  As you are running a website, you understand how important Google search ranking is. Better search ranking directly affects the number of new customers. Google prefers secure site over non-secure. If your site is secured with SSL; on being searched, Google will prefer your site over other non-secure sites. In simple words, your restaurant will be way easier to search over the net rather than other restaurants who have not yet installed SSL. This will boost your search ranking and makes you easily searchable. This will help in acquiring new customers and will increase your annual revenue.
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