A position as a network engineer is something you may like if you enjoy working with a team to create complicated communication systems. The job lets you use analytical skills to design the best way to bring networks together. You can show your leadership ability as you guide a team to create a computer network. It is a higher-level position than network administrator, and it requires you to accept responsibility for the planning and architectural design of a communications system.

As the chief systems architect, you design systems that integrate the network infrastructure to provide corporate voice, data, wireless and video services. The demands of the job require a level of education that qualifies you to specify the technical requirements for the networks that you plan and design. Analytical Skills help you determine the locations in a building where users need access to electronic services.

The Cisco Learning Network cites traffic congestion, necessary upgrades to infrastructure, the introduction of new products, customer concerns and preventative maintenance as considerations that you face on the job. Excellent communication and presentation skills prepare you to explain your concepts to an executive team. A current understanding of the latest technological advances in the industry can help you identify the hardware and wiring for your networks.

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